Wednesday, January 18, 2017

My dreams 2016

Hope you don't get nightmares...


I have to do an MRI experiment, of course. For that purpose I have to poke my participants with needels, lots of them, cause it’s fun to investigate suffering. But – oh shit, I think - the needels are magnetic. They’ll slice my poor participant into thousand pieces while being scanned. I lean into the MRI-scanner to my screaming participant and try everything to grap as many needels as many needels as I can reach but this hurts my participant even more. 
Versions of this dream include me trying to convince my colleagues that they can’t put the participant in the scanner prior to him being sliced up or added fun with two participants simultaneously. 


My supervisor wants me to build an inside fantasy world on top of the research building. With parks and waterfalls and stuff. And of course an airport, cos s/he is busy so how else should s/he get there. I keep thinking that that’s impossible, an airplane can‘t land inside the top floor of a building. Furthermore the groundplan of that planned top floor is much greater then that of the building itself. I mention that, but my supervisor just says that if I’m too dump for that I shall just ask the experts. Unfortunately I’m having a hard time finding experts on top story fantasy word building. However, to my surprise one day the the site is finished and it looks good. However, I know that it isn’t, I know that it’ll turn into a disaster and of course I’m right. The plane flights through a tunnel, and which is connected to that top floor to land on the airport and first it looks like it might just work out but then there’s a wind or something, the plane bounces from one site of the tunnel to the other and everything falls into pieces. 

Versions of that dream include a lot of stress because the human recouses depart has disabled my card to enter the building and especially the top floor or me going for a check in the fantasy dream world before my supervisor visits and discovering plies of dead (park-) workers in a sideway. 


I try to get somewhere. Home, to work, where ever. But of course I don’t manage to get there. 

I may take a plane, which flies way too low between the buildings of a random city. The plan has a steering wheel and somehow, I’m the one who has to control it and try to avoid hitting any buildings. But it doesn’t react to what I do. Furthermore I have to run back and forth between the uncontrollable steering wheel and the back of the plane where people want something from me, but I don’t understand what, so they get angry and everyone screams at me. It’s windy, too. Sometimes strong winds hit the plane from street canyons, and the damn steering wheel doesn’t react. Eventually the plane crashes, with its nose into the asphalt of a street. People are not pleased with that.
Or, I may try to take a train (maybe a good idea after all these crashed planes, one would think). But of course, it doesn’t work out. Purchasing a ticket can be a complicated matter, especially in (my) dreams. The ticket machine may calculate a ridiculously long journey with several overnight stays at scary rail stations for an actually short distance. Or the ticket machine explodes when I try to purchase my ticket. Or, what could be a nice dream but isn’t, the ticket machine gives me back way too much money. I don’t know what to do with it i.e. how to handle the situation and get the money I falsely received back to its rightful owner(s). I can’t leave it there, because then obviously someone will take it. I can’t take it myself because I don’t have enough pockets and I’m clumsy and drop it everywhere. While I try to pick one coin up again I lose 10 others. People chase me for the money. I forget the rest in the ticket machine. My trains don’t arrive and the prediction on which track they’ll arrive changes constantly. After some chasing over some tracks I decide just to wait on the track I’m at till my train arrives there. (Good plan, no? :D). But police is after me for the money I just wanted to bring to the lost-properties office. (Another great plan, right? …. That reminds me of a real situation in Munich where I found a 50 Euro note in a train (S-Bahn) station on the moving stairs. I was so confused by that, that I turned to the person next to me and asked him if it was his…..). I get arrested, my attempts to explain myself fail.

Alternatively I have a ticket, but I need to bring my little sister with me and like always the announced tracks change constantly. We chase through station hall after station hall without getting anywhere. I realize we need to get underground but the underground part of the station is all flooded. It’s supposed to be like that, it’s just me and apparently my sister who can’t breathe under water. Not only that, but there’s also an underwater obstacle course which we have to solve in order to get somewhere. Unfortunately I fail and my little sister drowns.

I spare you the versions of that dream in which I accidentally kill my grandmother, my father or other random people.

Sleep well.